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How to Create an Experiment

Creating an experiment on Econport is a two-step process:

1. Create a Configuration
2. Initialize an New Experiment

Note: This process requires you to be registered and logged into EconPort. You will then have access to your private experiment management area via a menu at the left of the page.

Step One: Create a Configuration

A configuration defines the details of an experiment, such as the number of subjects, periods, etc. Configurations are separate from experiments so that the same setup information can be reused to run multiple experiments.

You create a configuration in your "my configurations" area in one of two general ways:

* OPTION 1: Copy a pre-made public configuration to your "my configurations" area:

o Public configurations are available in other parts of EconPort. Here is a list of all public configurations currently offered.

o Each public configuration is presented with a "use configuration" button. Clicking this button will make a copy of the public configuration in your "my configurations" area.

o An advantange of using a public configuration is that you do not have to spend your time setting up every detail of a configuration. However, you are free to edit your copy of a public configuration as you see fit.

* OPTION 2: Creating a new configuration from scratch:

o You create a new configuration by clicking the "add new configuration" button in your "my configurations" area. This allows you to enter a name and description for the configuration, as well as specify the specific software application with which to create the configuration.

o Next, you must fully parameterize your configuration. To do this, click on the "edit" button associated with your new configuration, and then the "launch editor" button. This will initiate the necessary software for fully defining your configuration.

o This method of creating a configuration requires you to understand the details of the specific experiment software application used to create the configuration. Please refer to the documentation detailing each application at the bottom of the Experiments main page.

Step Two: Initialize a New Experiment

* In your "my experiments" area, click the "add new experiment" button. This allows you to define your experiment by selecting one of your existing private configurations to define the new experiment.

* This new experiment is now listed in your "my experiments" area. When you are ready to begin your experiment, you must click the "run" button associated with the experiment. This will initiate the experiment software and allow subjects to join the experiment.

* In order for subjects to access your experiment, you must provide them with the "access code" associated with the experiment. This code is displayed in your "my experiments" area. Subjects must come to EconPort and click the "join an experiment" button visible near the top left of the page. They will be required to provide the correct experiment access code in order to join your experiment.

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