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Lessons Using Pre-Made Configurations

The following lessons contain pre-made configurations:

Competitive Equilibrium:
This module contains an experiment that demonstrates the concepts of the invisible hand, and how a market made up of buyers and sellers acting to maximize their own profits can generate competitive outcomes.

Public Finance:
In this module,students participate in one or more double auction experiments that include introduction of a per unit tax. Graphical displays of experiment data demonstrate key concepts in the microeconomic analysis of taxes.  This teaching module contains several pre-made configurations of the double auction software.

Posted Offer Markets:
In this module, students participate in a posted offer market experiment that includes an exogenous demand shift and an exogenous supply shift sequentially. Time paths of observed asked prices, contract prices, competitive equilibrium prices, generated efficiency levels and distribution of gains are displayed graphically.

Normal Form Games with Dominant Strategies:
In this module, students play one or more two-player, two-strategy normal form games in which players have dominant pure strategies. Most of this module revolves around the Prisoner's Dilemma.  This module contains several pre-made configurations of the normal form game software.


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