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Creating the Goods Matrix

The next step requires the names and descriptions of each good to be entered. If you want only discrete quantites of the goods to be traded, i.e. no fractional values, check "Integer Only".


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Suggestion: We recommend you use gift certificates from either online shopping sites, or local stores in your area, to allow the subjects to easily obtain what they have purchased during the experiment. We recommend you don't use certificates from stores like Amazon which have a wide variety of goods on offer, because in that case, preferences will be hard to determine. Also, do ensure that at one item is your local currency, e.g. U.S. dollars, in order to link the experiment with the real world.

For example, you can buy online gift certificates valid in the U.S. from any of the following stores listed below. Please note, however, that Econport has no relation whatsoever with any of these businesses. These are only suggestions.




 Outdoor Gear:

  • REI ($5-$500 per card)


  • Gap (minimum $10 per card)


 Music Downloads:


You must fill in a name and description for each good in order to proceed to the next stage. Once you have finished, click "Page Setup".

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