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Viewing the Results

To view the results you must follow these steps to open the results.

1.  Login to EconPort
2.  Click "Experiments" in the Experimenters box where you logged in.
3.  Click the "Results" button next to the experiment you just ran.

If you complete these steps you should get the OSA Server Control screen, which contain your experiment results. 
The Server tab and the Session State tab (shown below) are only useful while the experiment is being run. The Auction Logs tab and the Session Graphs tab will show you the results of the experiment.

(Click here to open a window image)

At any point you can review how your experiment was set up.  The example provided below is an OSA experiment with 6 bidders and 20 periods.  Subjects bid for the first 5 periods in a first price auction, the next 5 in a dutch auction, then in a second price auction, and finally an english auction.  Show below is the setup screen for the experiment.

You can also review the subject's inducements for each regime as shown below.  Click on the tabs below to review each market Regime.

You may now view your results.  Please take a look at some results using the Auction Logs Tab.


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