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MarketLink Experiment Software

The MarketLink software enables the construction and implementation of a wide variety of continous auctions to be conducted over the internet.  The double auction, posted offer, and posted bid institutions are all supported by MarketLink.

There are two components to the experiment: the server and the clients.  The server sets all parameters (in accordance with the experimenter's configuration) and coordinates the actions of each participant in the experiment. Individual clients (subject computers) act as single participants in the auction experiments.

Click here to view a screenshot of the server in a typical MarketLink experiment.

Click here to view a screenshot of a client in a typical  MarketLink experiment.

Software requirements:
The MarketLink software requires Java. Please visit to verify that your computer supports Java and/or to freely install Java on your computer.


Running The MarketLink Software

Running the Marketlink software can be roughly broken into three phases: setting up an experiment, running the experiment and reviewing the results. In the links below, you can find detailed information on using the Marketlink software to run your experiment.

If you are new to the site, or if you are looking for information on how to run an experiment on Econport, please take a moment and read about how to use this experiment system: How to Create an Experiment on EconPort.


Setting up an Experiment:

Using a Pre-existing Configuration-This section contains information on how to setup and run pre-made configurations.

Creating Your Own Configuration-This  link will take you to a detailed explanation showing how to set up an experimental auction with custom specifications.

Running the Experiment:

Server Setup and Subject Login-Information on starting the experiment server and getting your subjects to join the experiment.

Experimenter's Screen- Overview of the experimenter's screen during an experiment.

Subject's Screen- This page displays what a typical subject acting as a seller or buyer would see during an experiment.

Reviewing the Results:

Using the Results Viewer


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