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Running an Experiment

If you have created your experiment, then you are ready to run an experiment session. To verify that your experiment is ready to run and to start the EFG, click on "Experiments" in the "User Menu" box on the left side of this page.

When the experiment is set up, you'll see that in the "Actions" column for your experiment session, there is a button labelled "Run" on the right side of the "Experiments" page. Click on the 'Run' button to show the EFG Experimenter screen for your session. (If you see a File Download dialog box after you click 'Run', click Open to open the window.)

Them you'll be asked to accept the terms of use in order to run the experiment. Once you accepted the agreement, the server setup window will pop up.

Server Setup Window

The server setup window contains some essential information for running your experiment, including the Session "Name" and the location of the log file for storing your experiment's data.


After entering the information in the Server Setup Window, clicking the Start Server button will open the server to accept connections from subjects.

At this point, the experimenter window (also called the Server Control window) will launch.

Experimenter Window

As subjects connections are made they appear in the "EFG - Server Control" window on the Server tab. Once all of the students have logged into the experiment session, you can start the EFG experiment session by clicking "Start Game".

Client Window

While subjects are logged in, they will be looking at the Client Window.


When the experiment is completed, you will be able to review the results of your experiment.


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