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The following links will take you to a detailed explanation showing how to set up each experimental auction to your own exact specifications.  Each of the 4 tabs on the configuration screen is presented separately.  These are the Market, Base Environment, Inducements, and Government tabs.

  • The Market-  This section explains how to specify an auction institution and choose certain general parameter such as the number of periods in the auction, the maximum number of subjects needed to begin the auction, whether to allow market orders, etc.
  • Base Environment- This section describes how to specify many of the fundamental parameters of the auction such as the number of buyers and sellers, whether a commodity or asset market is used, and other advanced options.
  • Inducements- This section describes how to specify commodity costs or values for each subject, thereby creating market supply and demand curves.
  • Government- This section describes how the experimenter can introduce different government policies such as price controls or fiscal measures.

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