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EconPort plays host to various types of collected economics content. When content creators agree to have their content hosted on EconPort, the material is integrated with other elements of EconPort, such as the handbook, experimental software, glossary, and online resources. This integration provides a variety of ways to access the material, including advanced searching of the content both on this site and at the National Science Digital Library.

The EconPort team is happy to work with content providers to insure that this site presents their material in a wholly acceptable manner. If you have content you would like to have hosted on Econport as a collection, please contact us.

Current Collections

  • Econterms Glossary - Peter B. Meyer created a glossary of terms commonly found in research economics, and created the web site Econterms. According to the author, "The guiding principle is that any term used in any English-language economics research journal that is neither defined there, nor common vocabulary among the mathematically literate belongs here." Currently, Econterms contains approximately 1300 terms.

  • SFB 504 Glossary - Researchers in the Sonderforschungsbereich 504 at the University of Mannheim have created a glossary of terms related to empirical and theoretical research in the areas of social psychology, economics, and business administration.
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