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The following SFB members participated in the joint effort of putting this glossary together: Susanne Abele, Michael Adam, Klaus Beck, Tilmann Betsch, Karsten Fieseler, Susanne Haberstroh, Eric Igou, Michael Kilka, Eva Kramer, Ulrich Koch, Andreas Laschke, Ulf Reips, Ralf Rodepeter, Stefan Schwarz, Aner Sela, Jan Vleugels, Cornelia Vogt, and Frank Voßmann.

I am particularly grateful to Tilmann Betsch, Axel Börsch-Supan, Markus Homann, Eric Igou, Oliver Kirchkamp, Ulf Reips, Ralf Rodepeter, and Jan Vleugels for detailed comments on individual entries and/or for suggestions for the overall structure of the glossary.

Joachim Winter

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