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About Public Configurations

Public Configurations are experiment software configurations provided by EconPort. These configurations are created by our staff and placed on EconPort in order for people to learn about and use them.

A key benefit of providing Public Configurations is to allow our users to quickly use the experiment software (as some of it can get quite complex to setup). The Public Configurations also allow us to provide detailed instructions focused around certain types of experiments that you could run given a particlar Public Configuration. This detail helps you to learn the software more effectively instead of trying to filter out important information from very general documentation covering the software from a functionality point-of-view.

Using a Public Configuration

Once you have found a Public Configuration that you wish to use, simply click the "Use Configuration" button at the bottom of the page where you found it. This will copy the configuration into your existing profile of configurations. From there you are free to edit, use or delete the configuration.

Before the configuration is copied into your profile, you are given an opportunity to specify which group you want to place it in and if you would like to automatically create an experiment using the new configuration.

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