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Configuring an EFG experiment session

Once a tree has been created for a particular experiment, you will need to set up certain session parameters specific to the game, like the maximum number of players and the conversion rate for payoffs. Gameplay will, by default, proceed sequentially.

Player rematching

Select the rematching rule the game will follow between rounds:

  1. Constant: Players are never rematched; they play the same partners in each round.
  2. Random: Players are randomly rematched in each round.
  3. Round-Robin Random: Players are randomly rematched in each round, but they are never paired with the same partner twice, as long as the number of players is more than the number of matches. If there are more matches than players, then the players are reshuffled after they have all faced each other once, so that they do not meet each other again in the same order.

Screen Capture: Session Screen

There are several other options you can check:

  • Enforce move time limit: If you wish, you can set a maximum time limit for players to make their move, after which the default move will be made.
  • Show new opponent message: If you have selected a random or round-robin random rematching rule, checking this option lets subjects know that they are facing a new opponent.
  • Show optional tab: This option adds an additional tab in the client screen. You will have to specify a URL, and the contents of this URL will be displayed in that tab, along with the label you have entered. You could use this option to display additional instructions to subjects, or anything else you like.

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