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Running an EFG Experiment

Start the EFG Server

If you have created your configuration and your experiment, then you are ready to run an experiment session. To verify that your experiment is ready to run, and to start the EFG Server, click on "Experiments" in the "User Menu" box on the left side of this page. When the experiment is set up, you'll see that in the "Actions" column for your experiment session, there is a button labelled "Run" on the right side of the "Experiments" page. Click on the 'Run' button to start the EFG Server for your session. (If you see a File Download dialog box after you click 'Run', click Open to open the Server.) As soon as you enter a 'Session Name' and a 'Session Log' the EFG Server will start and is then available to accept connections from EFG Client applications.

Start the EFG Session

As Client connections are made they appear in the "EFG - Server Control" window on the Server tab. Once all of the students have logged into the experiment session, you can start the EFG Server by clicking "Start Session."

Screen Capture: Typical Client Screen as seen by Subject

Viewing Results

Once the experiment has comcluded, a 'Results' button will appear next to it in the Experiment listing. Click this button to relaunch the server and view the results.

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