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Setting up a GARP experiment

Configuring an Experiment

In order to configure an experiment using the GARP software, you will first need to create a configuration and an experiment group (or as many distinct ones as you may need). Add a configuration to the configuration group you have created, choosing GARP out of the available experiment types, and click "Add". Once it has been added, click the "Edit" icon.

At the Edit screen, click "Configure parameterization". This parameter set, which will contain all the information required to run an experiment, can then be used for different experiments, as many times as required, since it is independent of the experiments that are run.

A new browser window will be opened for the experiment setup. In the first stage, enter a name for the parameter set, and select the number of goods available to the subjects. Also select the number of "pages", i.e. the number of stages of the experiment at which the subjects will make their demand decisions.

Screen Capture: Main Configuration Screen

Click "Resize Matrix" to proceed to the next stage.

Stage 2: Setting up the goods in the experiment

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