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Starting a GARP experiment and viewing results

In order to run an experiment, you must now create an experiment within an experiment group that you have already created. Click "Add Experiment", on the "My configurations" screen.

Click the "Edit" icon, and then select a configuration from those you have created. Click "Save" to finish. You can now run your experiment by clicking the "Run" icon.

Once you have finished, you can give your subjects the experiment code, and ask them to sign in to Econport to participate in the experiment. You can stop the experiment at any time by clicking the "Stop" icon. At any stage, you can view the results of those who have completed the experiment by clicking the "View Results" icon. The Results screen will open in a new browser window.

Viewing Results

You can select the format in which results will be displayed. Selecting "Garp Violations" will simply display the subject ID and the violations of the Generalized Axiom of Revealed Preference that the subject may have committed. You can also select "Detailed Garp Violations", for a more thorough look at the results, or simply view the raw data.

Screen Capture: Viewing Experiment Results

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