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Prepared MarketLink Configurations

To create a MarketLink configuration, click on one of the buttons below. When you click on one of these buttons, you will be presented with two options. First, you can save the configuration that you select to the default configuration group, which is called "Public Configurations," or you can use a configuration group that you have created. (The steps that you need to follow to create a customized configuration group are explained in the Customized Configurations and Experiments section.) The default group is the simplest way to get started using MarketLink, so this option is recommended if you have not used MarketLink before. There is a "Create experiment" option that you can check when you install a prepared configuration. If you check the box for this option, you won't need to create an experiment session the first time that you run a session. This is also recommended. If you select the "Create experiment" option then you will be ready to start the MarketLink Server. Just click on the "Experiments" link on the left sidebar as soon as you complete the steps after you click on one of the buttons below.

Competitive Market Double Auction experiment:

Competitive Market Posted Offer experiment:

Duopoly Market Double Auction experiment:

Duopoly Market Posted Offer experiment:

Monopoly Market Double Auction experiment:

Monopoly Market Posted Offer experiment:

Competitive Market Double Auction for 36 sellers and 36 buyers:

Asset Market Double Auction experiment:

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