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Normal Form Game Software

This software allows normal-form game experiments to be conducted over the Internet. Within an experiment, subjects participate in one or more matches. Each match is a series of one or more stage games. Several methods of rematching subjects between matches are offered.

Two general types of games are supported:

  • Traditional games - payoff tables specify stage game earnings; subjects' earnings are simply the payoffs accumulated over time.

  • Match-play games - payoff tables specify a probability of winning a point; a match is won by the first player to accumulate the needed points. This match winner earns a fixed payout, while the opponent earns nothing for the match.

For additional information on how to use this software and all of its features, refer to the material below.

Software Requirements

Requirements - Use of this software requires installation of WebStart, which is now a component of Sun's Java Runtime Environment. Please refer to the WebStart help for more information.

Experimenter Instructions

Before you run an experiment with this software, please read this section to better familiarize yourself with how the software functions.

Configuring an Experiment

Running an Experiment
Read how to start the configured session, stop the server, drop users from the game, and about the Server, Game, and Results tags that appear on your screen when the server is running and the game is in progress.

Experiment Results
The results from your session can be viewed as an XML file as well as a formatted txt file.

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