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Health, Education, and Welfare - Article

1. A History of the Standard of Living in the United States

Standard of living is often evaluated by people using the same criteria. This article discusses the standard of living in the United States mainly through the GDP and life expectancy. [Details...]

2. Drug Lag

The modern history of drug regulation in the United States has been marked by the simultaneous pursuit of two goals: safety and efficacy. This article describes this insight and provides evidence of cases where costs incurred due to lawsuits proved to be too much. [Details...]

3. Health Care Industry

This article explains how health care differs from other goods and services in important ways. The growth in costs, industry structure and competition, and public policy are also discussed. [Details...]

4. Health Insurance

This article examines the beginnings of health insurance in the thirties and forties and how it changed in the eighties. [Details...]

5. Health Insurance in the United States

This article describes the development of the U.S. health insurance system and its growth in the twentieth century. It examines the roles of important factors including medical technology, hospitals and physicians, and government policy culminating in the development of Medicare and Medicaid. [Details...]

6. History of Food and Drug Regulation in the United States

Throughout history, governments have regulated food and drug products. In general, the focus of this regulation has been on ensuring the quality and safety of food and drugs. This article expands upon this to detail the history of this particular regulation. [Details...]

7. History of Workplace Safety in the United States, 1880-1970

This article explains the dangers of certain jobs such as mining, manufacturing, and railroad working to examine the history of workplace safety in the United States from 1880-1970. [Details...]

8. Poverty in the United States

This article describes poverty as one of America's most peristent and serious problems. This article discusses the poverty line, how measuring poverty is flawed, and what influences poverty and its economic impact. [Details...]

9. Public Schools

This article begins by comparing scholastic achievement in the 1990's to the 1960's. It uses this information to discuss possible solutions and initiatives to help solve the education problem. [Details...]

10. Riskless Society

This articles discusses a riskless society by displaying tables of life expectancy, causes of death, mortality death rates, and annual fatality rates. [Details...]

11. Thomas Robert Malthus

This article gives a brief decsription on Malthus's prediction that the population would be unable to feed itself in a certain matter of time. [Details...]

12. Workers' Compensation

This article discusses the origins of worker's compensation and trends in worker's compensation over the past century. [Details...]

Health, Education, and Welfare - Web Site

13. Enterprise Restructuring in the former Soviet Union

Citizens of the countries of the former Soviet Union (FSU) have recognized the potential benefits, observed in many different cultures and societies around the world, of private, market-driven enterprises. For more than half a century enterprises in the FSU have been subject to comprehensive state ownership and central planning. Prices and financing were typically of little concern to enterprise management, while workers did not have to worry about job security and received a wide range of social benefits through enterprises. While moving toward private, market-driven enterprises offers great promise for an improved standard of living for the average person, such a transition represents a fundamental social, psychological, and economic challenge. [Details...]

Health, Education, and Welfare - Non-computerized experiment

14. An Experiment in Income Redistribution and Poverty Measurement

This classroom experiment is designed to get students to question the notion of income equality and poverty measures. I have found it most useful to employ this experiment prior to any coverage of material on poverty and income inequality. [Details...]

Health, Education, and Welfare - Course lecture

15. Governement's Economic Functions


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