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Consumer Economics - Course lecture

1. Demand Theory and Consumer Choice

Discussion on utility analysis, diminishing returns, utility maximizing rule, indifference curves, marginal rate of substitution, budget lines, and normal and inferior goods. [Details...]

2. How Elasticity of Demand Affects Total Revenue

How Elasticity of Demand Affects Total Revenue and other elasticity topics. [Details...]

Distribution: Income, Wealth, Other - Course lecture

3. Governement's Economic Functions


Economic Systems - Course lecture

4. Basic Characteristics of Capitalism

Discussion on capitalism, Adam Smith, private property, competitive markets, and the circular flow. [Details...]

Industrial Organization - Course lecture

5. Antitrust and Other Government Regualtion

Discussion on antitrust legislation and other government regulation. [Details...]

6. Monopoly

Discussion on monopoly including profit, barriers to entry, regualted monopolies, and ineffeciency. [Details...]

7. Oligopoly

Discussion on the kinked demand curve, profit, collusive pricing, price leaders, restricted oligopolies, and progressive oligopolies. [Details...]

8. Monopolistic Competition

Discussion on monopolistic competition including non-price competition, profit, and breakeven analysis. [Details...]

International Economics - Course lecture

9. International Trade

Discussion on comparative advantage, growth, limitations, and protectionism. [Details...]

Labor and Demographic Economics - Course lecture

10. Wage Determination

Discussion on labor productivity, unions, minimum wage, and the monopsony wage model. [Details...]

Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics - Course lecture

11. Fiscal Policy


12. Stagflation and the Rise of Supply-Side Economics

Discussion on Phillips Curve, Reaganomics, Laffer Curve, and recent tax reforms. [Details...]

13. Monetary Policy

Monetary Policy [Details...]

14. Money, Banking, and Monetarism

Money, Banking, and Monetarism [Details...]

15. Understanding Keynesian Economics

Keynesian economics in detail. [Details...]

16. Analyzing Macro Equilibrium

Classical vs. Keynesian Economics [Details...]

17. Macro Equilibrium


18. The Business Cycle

Business cycle, unemployment, and inflation. [Details...]

19. Maket System Participants


Mathematical and Quantitative Methods - Course lecture

20. A Course of Econometrics

Various links dealing with different parts of Econometrics are broken into 5 parts for ease to delve into the area of your choosing. [Details...]

21. Topics in Econometric Theory

This directory contains a series of brief essays which serve as lecture notes for the course in Econometric Theory which has been taught in the Department of Economics of Queen Mary College over a number of years. The material has been extracted, in the main, from the chapters of the texts in Introductory Econometrics and Intermediate Econometrics which can be found in adjacent directories. [Details...]

22. Lectures in Mathematical Statistics

This article gives links to 15 sets of lecture notes in the area of Mathematical Statistics. [Details...]

23. Lectures in Time-Series Analysis and Forecasting

These two booklets contain some of the material of the courses titled "Methods of Time-Series Analysis" and "Economic Forecasting" which have been taught in the Department of Economics of Queen Mary College in recent years. The material is presented in the form of a series of ten lectures for a course given at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna titled A Short Course in Time-Series Analysis. [Details...]

Principles of Economics - Course lecture

24. Allocating Scarce Resources

Discussion of the production possibilities frontier, oppurtunity costs, and increasing costs. [Details...]

25. Economic Rent, Interest, and Profit

Discussion on economic rent, interest, and profit. [Details...]

26. Pure Competition

Pure competition [Details...]

27. Product and Factor Markets

Basic discussion on the elements of the different product markets; pure competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly. [Details...]

28. Measuring Total Economic Activity


29. 5 Key Economic Questions Society Must Answer


30. Demand and Supply

discussion on the supply and demand curves, equilibrium, shifts of the supply and demand curve, and price floor and price cieling. [Details...]

31. Economics Defined


Production and Firm Behavior - Course lecture

32. Understanding Profit

Discussion on profit, marginal revenue, maximizing profit, long and short run costs, and break-even analysis. [Details...]

33. How Cost of Production Affects Supply

Discussion on costs, oppurtunity costs, expicit costs, implicit costs, accounting profit, economic profit, fixed costs, variable costs, marginal costs, economies of scale, and diseconomies of scale. [Details...]

34. Demand for Economic Resources

Discussion on determining resource prices, marginal physical product, marginal revenue product, and resource elasticity of demand. [Details...]

Public Economics - Course lecture

35. Budget Deficits

Budget Philosophies and social security. [Details...]

36. Analyzing Public Sector Economic Activity

Discussion on the demand for public goods, externalities, the Coase theorem, and democracy and economic effeciency. [Details...]

37. The Economics of Government Subsidies

Discussion on government subsidies. [Details...]

Welfare Economics: Allocative Efficiency, Externalities, Fairness, Altruism - Course lecture

38. Distributing Income

Lorenz curves, poverty, and government aid. [Details...]

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