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Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics - Glossary

1. Environmental Economics Glossary

Environmental Valuation & Cost Benefit News covers legal, academic, and regulatory developments pertaining to the valuation of environmental amenities and disamenities, such as clean air, trees, parks, congestion, and noise. [Details...]

2. Glossary of Environmental Economics Terms

This glossary links each definition term to the most complete definition available in the course notes or other materials available via Web browser. [Details...]

Consumer Economics - Glossary

3. Glossary of economic terms

This glossary lists many microeconomic terms [Details...]

Principles of Economics - Glossary

4. Accounting, Business Studies and Economics Dictionary for students

The definitions of terms that have been included are most of the major subject specific words that students will come across in secondary level accounting, business studies and economics courses. This dictionary / glossary should also be of great use for introductory tertiary level students studying business related courses. [Details...]

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