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Setting up an EFG Experiment

To set up an EFG configuration, you will need to us the econport EFG Editor:

First, log into your econport account. You will see a menu on the left-hand side of your screen. Click on “Configurations”. Select the one you want to use in your list of configurations by clicking on the “Edit” button associated with it on the right. Econport will show you a new screen where you can edit your configuration. To create or modify a game or series of games, click on “Launch Editor”.

 An "ESL EFG Editor" window will pop up. In this editor, you have three main tabs:

1. Tree Editor

    This tab provides access to drawing tools for your game tree, and allows you to edit specific parameters (such as payoffs and probabilities) for the game you are designing. In addition, you can add multiple game trees to your experiment within the Tree Editor tab.

2. Session

    Once you have created your tree, use the Session tab to define some session parameters like maximum number of players and the conversion rate for payoffs.

3. Matches

    Once sessions have been configured, you will finally need to set up which matches subjects will play and in what order under the Matches tab. For each game tree you wish them to play, enter the number of rounds that will be played.

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