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Configure a MarketLink Session

The first step that you need to complete in order to run experiments is to set up a "Configuration Group" and an "Experiment Group." A Configuration Group holds experiment configuration files. An Experiment Group holds experiment files that are used to schedule and run experiments. There is a default configuration group called "Public Configurations" that will be created automatically when you select one of the prepared configurations. If you also select to create an experiment session when you install a prepared configuration, a default experiment group will also be created.

The steps required to utilize these default setups are explained in the "Default Configuration Groups and Experiment Groups" section below. It is also possible to manage these groups and the configurations and experiments that go in them on your own. The steps for managing these elements are explained in the "Customizing Configuration Groups and Experiment Groups" section below.

For first-time users we recommend using the default configurations, since these streamline the experiment setup procedure. As you develop experience with running MarketLink experiments, you may want to begin to configure your own MarketLink experiments. At that point, you can return to this section and click on the "Customize MarketLink Experiments" link below for instruction on creating and managing MarketLink configurations.

Prepared Configurations and Experiments

You can easily set up a double auction configuration group and configurations for the commodity market or for the asset market by using MarketLink configurations that we have prepared. To see instructions for installing prepared configurations, click on the link below.

Customized Configurations and Experiments

It is also possible to customize your Configuration Group and to create your own MarketLink Configuration. To see instructions for customizing a configuration, click on the link below.

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