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Mathematical and Quantitative Methods - Interactive Tutorial

1. Discounting Future Income and Present Value


2. EpsilonDelta

This applet is designed to help users understand the epsilon/delta definition of a limit. The question is whether the limit as x approaches a of a function, f(x), is limit to L. [Details...]

3. Java component for mathematics: Evaluator

The Evaluator applet lets the user enter values for one or more variables, and it displays the values of one or more expressions that depend on those variables. The display is updated continuously. If no applet params are specified, then there is one variable, named "x", and one expression, "log2(x)". [Details...]

4. Java component for mathematics: Simple Graph

SimpleGraph is a configureable applet that shows the graph of a function and, optionally, marks a point on the graph. If there is a point, then the user can control its x-coordinate either by adjusting a slider at the bottom of the applet or by entering the x-coordinate in an input box. [Details...]

5. Java components for Mathematics: Animated graph

The MutliGraph applet can show the graphs of several functions. The functions can, optionally, depend on parameters that are controlled by sliders at the bottom of the applet. (This is similar to the FamiliesOfGraphs applet, except that it can handle more than one function and it is possible to have no parameters at all.) The default is to have a single function input and no parameters. [Details...]

6. Java components for Mathematics:Multigraph

This interactive tutorial allows a user to investigate parameterized families of graphs by varying the value of one or more parameters. [Details...]

7. Math Skills for Introductory Economics

This site provides two lessons: 1. Introduction to Graphs, and 2. Linear and Nonlinear Relationships. Each lesson also has a set of test questions and answers for self testing. [Details...]

8. SimpleGraph

SimpleGraph is a configureable applet that shows the graph of a function and, optionally, marks a point on the graph. If there is a point, then the user can control its x-coordinate either by adjusting a slider at the bottom of the applet or by entering the x-coordinate in an input box. [Details...]

9. Tutorial: Graphing

Interactive tutorial on how to graph linear and polynomial equations [Details...]

10. Tutorial: Probability Density Functions

Discussion with graphs on Binomial, Exponential, Standardised Normal and Poisson Distribution. [Details...]

Mathematical and Quantitative Methods - Online Book

11. Discrete Choice Methods with Simulation

This online book contains 12 chapters about discrete choice methods. This electronic choice methods with simulation is made available for use by individuals for their personal research and study. [Details...]

12. Econometrics

This online book contains 24 chapters discussing the various aspects of econometrics. [Details...]

13. Efe A. Ok


14. Electronic Statistics Textbook

This Electronic Statistics Textbook offers training in the understanding and application of statistics. The material was developed at the StatSoft R&D department based on many years of teaching undergraduate and graduate statistics courses and covers a wide variety of applications, including laboratory research (biomedical, agricultural, etc.), business statistics and forecasting, social science statistics and survey research, data mining, engineering and quality control applications, and many others. The Electronic Textbook begins with an overview of the relevant elementary (pivotal) concepts and continues with a more in depth exploration of specific areas of statistics, organized by "modules," accessible by buttons, representing classes of analytic techniques. A glossary of statistical terms and a list of references for further study are included. [Details...]

15. Introductory Statistics: Concepts, Models, and Applications

The book, Introductory Statistics: Concepts, Models, and Applications, presented in the following pages represents over twenty years of experience in teaching the material contained therein. The high price of textbooks and a desire to customize course material for my own needs caused me to write this material. The major features of the text include: Development of the concept of creating mathematical models of the world; An extensive treatment of measurement and measurement scales as a model-building procedure; A slightly different organizational scheme than most introductory texts, with material presented in the following order: frequency polygons, models of frequency polygons, the normal curve, and then statistics. In addition, the presentation of transformations, linear transformations, and then linear regression follows a natural progression of material; Elimination of almost all computational formulas along with a general discussion of how to use a statistical calculator. This has been taken a step further in the Web Edition of the text as it is now possible to eliminate tables, such as the normal curve table, and all the computational procedures that go with them; This Web Edition presents copious examples of the use of SPSS/WIN 7.0 to do statistical procedures; The presentation of hypothesis testing as a process of testing mathematical models of the world. [Details...]

16. Lecture Notes on Optimization

Notes on Optimization was published in 1971 as part of the Van Nostrand Reinhold Notes on System Sciences, edited by George L. Turin. Our aim was to publish short, accessible treatments of graduate-level material in inexpensive books (the price of a book in the series was about five dollars). The effort was successful for several years. Van Nostrand Reinhold was then purchased by a conglomerate which cancelled Notes on System Sciences because it was not sufficiently profitable. Books have since become expensive. However, the World Wide Web has again made it possible to publish cheaply. [Details...]

17. Real Analysis with Economic Applications

This is primarily a textbook on mathematical analysis for graduate students in economics. While there are a large number of excellent textbooks on this broad topic in the mathematics literature, most of these texts are overly advanced relative to the needs of a vast majority of economics students, and concentrate on various topics that are not readily helpful for studying economic theory. Moreover, it seems that most economics students lack the time and/or courage to enroll in a math course at the graduate level. Sometimes this is not even for bad reasons, for only few math departments offer classes that are designed for the particular needs of economists. Unfortunately, more often than not, the consequent lack of mathematical background creates problems for the students at a later stage of their education since an exceedingly large fraction of economic theory is impenetrable without some rigorous background in real analysis. The present text aims at providing a remedy for this inconvenient situation. [Details...]

18. Statnotes: Topics in Multivariate Analysis

This online book provides links to various sections which each give an overview of the specific topic as well as key concepts and main ideas. [Details...]

19. Structural Analysis of Discrete Data and Econometric Applications

This online book discussing discrete data and econometric applicaions provide links to the chapters which can be downloaded into a printable form. [Details...]

20. Urban Travel Demand: A Behavioral Analysis

This online book is broken down into 7 useful chapters which are able to be downloaded and then printed for use. [Details...]

Mathematical and Quantitative Methods - Course lecture

21. A Course of Econometrics

Various links dealing with different parts of Econometrics are broken into 5 parts for ease to delve into the area of your choosing. [Details...]

22. Lectures in Mathematical Statistics

This article gives links to 15 sets of lecture notes in the area of Mathematical Statistics. [Details...]

23. Lectures in Time-Series Analysis and Forecasting

These two booklets contain some of the material of the courses titled "Methods of Time-Series Analysis" and "Economic Forecasting" which have been taught in the Department of Economics of Queen Mary College in recent years. The material is presented in the form of a series of ten lectures for a course given at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna titled A Short Course in Time-Series Analysis. [Details...]

24. Topics in Econometric Theory

This directory contains a series of brief essays which serve as lecture notes for the course in Econometric Theory which has been taught in the Department of Economics of Queen Mary College over a number of years. The material has been extracted, in the main, from the chapters of the texts in Introductory Econometrics and Intermediate Econometrics which can be found in adjacent directories. [Details...]

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