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Introductory Statistics: Concepts, Models, and Applications


David W. Stockburger


Mathematical and Quantitative Methods


Online Book


The book, Introductory Statistics: Concepts, Models, and Applications, presented in the following pages represents over twenty years of experience in teaching the material contained therein. The high price of textbooks and a desire to customize course material for my own needs caused me to write this material. The major features of the text include: Development of the concept of creating mathematical models of the world; An extensive treatment of measurement and measurement scales as a model-building procedure; A slightly different organizational scheme than most introductory texts, with material presented in the following order: frequency polygons, models of frequency polygons, the normal curve, and then statistics. In addition, the presentation of transformations, linear transformations, and then linear regression follows a natural progression of material; Elimination of almost all computational formulas along with a general discussion of how to use a statistical calculator. This has been taken a step further in the Web Edition of the text as it is now possible to eliminate tables, such as the normal curve table, and all the computational procedures that go with them; This Web Edition presents copious examples of the use of SPSS/WIN 7.0 to do statistical procedures; The presentation of hypothesis testing as a process of testing mathematical models of the world.

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